Blog_BooksFullsizeWelcome to the Starting Gate

I have three Timeline Tykes books above to show what I’m currently creating. As previously stated, “this is my first blog so be kind.” The reason for this blog will be to share my steps as I produce my Timeline Tykes history books for the public. Since my first post I have created a twitter account (@troycreateart) and facebook promotion and blog page. After much study from various sources I can say it takes hard work and determination to get your project off of the ground. If you don’t like hard work, you might need a Brinks truck full of money, I’m not that lucky.  I have read and viewed many videos about promoting your project to grasp an understanding of what it takes to be a success.  I have taken the new information and put the wheels into motion.

Why Start with an eBook Over a Standard Book?

This is the starting point of my new career as an author and illustrator for my new Timeline Tykes children’s books and graphic novels. I believe the ebook market is the best direction for me to pursue first because of the low cost to produce the ebook. I currently have High Flyin’ a children’s book in print on and Timeline Tykes, Tuskegee Airmen Blazing A Historical Trail (my ebook below.) The books with standard printing is a larger cost than an ebook production. I wrote previously to expect pictures of the projects that I’m working on from time to time. I go into detail in the next paragraph.


Why Am I Working on an eBook First?

I believe the ebook is the best choice for the new authors and illustrators trying to get their projects off the ground. My first book was a standard book that was costly to produce. If I knew then what I know now, I would have produced an ebook before spending money for the standard print. Printers enjoy standard book being printed because they receive a large percent of your earnings. Imagine a book cover printed colored front and back with 100 black and white inside pages. Now, imagine the book costing $10 to purchase and $3.25 to produce. The cost of printing an ebook is generally $0 with the understanding the target market is digital. I introduced the readers to Alex Airways on the last blog. In this blog, Alex Airways will be introduced as the narrator for the Timeline Tykes Tuskegee Airmen Historical eBook shown above. Children love to identify a character with a story. Alex is one of many characters that will be used throughout the Timeline Tykes series.

I Welcome Your Comments

Feel free to state  your opinion of which direction you would choose; standard printing or ebook produced. I would like to hear from all interested parties for or against. I’m sure there are many with a difference of opinion.

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