All illustrations on this webpage was created and/or illustrated by Troy Jones of Jones Graphix. Some of Troy’s creations were generated for the purpose of mass duplication such as comic book art to children’s book illustrations. There are illustrations created for a line of sports wear. Troy doesn’t need the use of references to product illustrations in his artwork.

Jones Graphix could not possibly include all of the different styles or drawings created by Troy on this webpage. There would be 10 to 20 different areas of illustration needed to encompass Troy’s artistic abilities. His artistic arm reach from character illustrations, humorous illustrations to instructional manuals and more.

Once you address the different areas of illustration, you must address illustrating with and without the computer and the different programs which exist for illustrators. There are 3D programs as well as vector base programs which allows anyone the opportunity to become an illustrator although, talent cannot be replaced by a computer program.