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These are several design creations for merchandise which are posted on varies artist websites. This is a wonderful avenue to place your artwork for the public to view your latest designs. I pride myself on creating sellable graphics therefore, I use every positive media possible to put my artwork in front of the public.

There are a few websites that sell the artist work to the masses. Some of those I use are society6.com, neatoshop.com, teepublic.com, teevillian.com and shirtpunch.com to name a few. The merchandise consist of cell phone covers, rugs, wall clocks, hand bags, laptop covers, design pillows and shirt designs.

This page was not created to promote those before mention websites but it was created to share some of my journey. I believe it is the duty of everyone to help one another when traveling through this road of art and creations. You must to be accepted by the websites before you can sell your products.