All of the items shown on this webpage was created and/or illustrated by Troy Jones of Jones Graphix for a company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Troy’s creations were the products used to generate millions of dollars in revenue for a span of five years. Currently, the selling of those products are sold by the same company to date on their website.

The products range from banners, labels, yard signs, greeting cards, twirlers, doortags, folders, coffee mugs, magnets, wind feathers and lots more. There are seven panels which visual show the marketing capabilities of good design. A sound design creates a good product for the customer. Imagine a white t-shirt with no artwork then,

imagine the same shirt with a red circle on the front. To the Japanese citizen this is an icon which mirrors their national flag. Know your client and how they view design and you will sell. The creations above are designed with those principles in mind. Colors are important in your design and will provide an emotional response and selling to your customer.