Save The Date

The design was created for the company of Family Matters to Charlotte for a couples campaign dealing with relationship counseling for couples of all ages. Jones Graphix was instructed to create a banner, mailer, flyer, registration sheet and ticket design. Troy of Jones Graphix decided the colors of red and dark aqua because he wanted the design to radiate off of the page

Once Troy create a color scheme then he has the feel for the direction of the design. He chose the colors first because that is what spoke to him on this project. Troy had to go with the visual he received in the sketching stage.
He knew the heart represented universal love therefore Troy used the heart.

The clients was pleased with the design concepts for this project. Troy captured the essence of the event with images used for this design. The artwork is well received by the masses at the “Save The Date,” evening events. Our clients introduced this project to several of the their clients in which projects were created projects for those customers. Jones Graphix has shown the design which was created for the “Save The Date” event.