View art in everything.
Wait until Jones Graphix design
the visuals for your project.

Closer Look

Graphic Design

We capture the look of the design for our clients with years of experience in the industry.


Illustration is the staple in preparation of the designs we create at Jones Graphix.

Art Production

Jones Graphix prepares documents that are print ready. We build files the right way.

Color Manipulation

Color manipulation is another avenue that Jones graphic has years of experience in the field.

In the beginning…

Jones Graphix was formed in Dallas, Texas as a thought of the art director Troy Jones. Jones Graphix has been on the move since that time. Jones Graphix has proven industry experience in direct marketing, catalog, presentation, web, illustration and color correction. With those experiences came opportunities that generated revenues exceeding $4,000,000 in the area of product design. Jones Graphix was created to help those individuals with a vision and/or message to display. Creation is the most important stage of design. Initiation has it’s place and illustration is fantastic but, there isn’t anything that compares to the final design.


Stop selecting the same box
and expecting a different out come.
Choose to be different.

Art Director

Art Director

4 years experience

Jones Graphix has many years of art direction in the art field. Table top, jewelry, environmental and fashion photography direction for catalog magazines.

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

8 years experience

Talent tends to raise to the top and Jones Graphix has a lot of talent with their graphic designer. Our graphic designers have ten plus years of experience.



8 years experience

Illustration plays a large part with Jones Graphix and the projects we create. Our illustrator have worked in several positions in the different design firms.


The best way to create a winning design
is to utilize the talent with the computer.
Everyone has computers, we have talent.