Jones Graphix

An artistic view with the professional touch

Our Expectations Are Very High

There are many designers with the best intentions but fall short on the delivery.
We set our expectations high with each project we create.

Wall Magnet & Sticker

This artwork was created as a means of promoting the Japanese culture to the world through the eyes of the children.

Children's Book Hero

Airman Alex Airway is another character illustrated by Troy Jones for the historical children’s book named The Timeline Tykes.

STEM Character, Cali

Cali-(bration) is one of three characters illustrated by Troy Jones for ituey llc, a
company focused on STEM education.

Years of Experience at Your Fingertips

We at Jones Graphix provide a wealth of knowledge and experience in the
Graphic Arts industry from our years of service in the creative field.

P.O.P. Display Design

This POP display design was create for the company Legend & lineage in Atlanta for their children’s activity and coloring book.

Icon and Logo Design

Jones Graphix creates logo designs used for different avenues such as this logo for client products for instagram and other media.

T-Shirt Design

If you or your company need art for t-shirt designs we can help with your project. Please contact us with your project details.

Imagine Looking Through Our Eyes

Imagine everywhere you look there is a remembrance of creation.
Your job is observing the wonder of art and our job is providing the visual canvas.
Expect greatness from the designer and never be surprised when they pass
your expectation. It is their goal to overachieve.


Web Design




Creative Design


Product Design


Photo Retouch

Connoisseur Grooming Squad Product Design

A client from Louisiana commissioned Troy Jones to create an iconic logo to be used for promoting their new shaving product, Connoisseur Grooming Squad.

Would've, Could've, Should've Poster Design

Shown below is the collaboration between the client and Troy Jones. The idea was to visualize a quote to encourage those who needed a mental boost resulting in this poster design.