This Is Where It All Begins

All of the drawings, sketches and illustrations were creations of Troy Jones of Jones Graphix. Computer generated, freehand or digital imagery comes from his hands.






Learn world history with us. Come journey with us through our children’s Timeline Tykes books. Our main focus are the little ones. We bring fun, excitement & action to learning world history. There is a world of stories to open through Timeline Tykes Children’s books.  

Some books shown above are not complete to date but we should have all books completed near the end of the year.



Hawaiian Mermaid Illustration




This illustration is a page from a commissioned children’s book for a client in California. The request was to show a mermaid helping the young lady who fainted because of seeing a real life mermaid. This is the picture Troy of Jones Graphix created for the client.

This children’s book is currently being printed as we show this illustrated page. 

How We Create Our Picture

This image was drawn directly into the Clip Studio Paint then saved for Photoshop and other  illustration programs. This is showing the public how Troy create the illustrations for a children’s mermaid book.



This Is A New Children's Book






Troy was commissioned to illustrate a children’s book about a young boy traveling through the sea on a dolphin. The author requested a character of color to ensure that every child could see themselves traveling through the pages of the book. Shown are two pages. 


We Look Forward To Creating Your Book

If you want Troy Jones to illustrate your children’s book please go to contact page below.

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Drawing First Step

This is how a sketch looks when Troy use the illustration application Clip Studio Paint.  

Drawing Second Step

Troy added color to the previous drawing such as one would in operates Photoshop.  

Pencil Hand Drawing

This is the traditional method of pencil to paper and scanning file into the computer.

Above is the book for a client from Indianapolis. Troy was commissioned to illustrate this children’s book about a boy and his grandmother who watch him after school is out. There was an ebook created from these illustrations with the finished pages.  

If you would like a children’s book please contact Jones Graphix for the pricing details.

This is the first of many episodes

The client wanted a whimsical style that shows the humorous side of David Snod.

This is a great great read with fun throughout the chapters of “The Unusual Life of David Snod.”

Dad and Son Characters

Troy Jones of Jones Graphix was commissioned to draw a father and son illustration to start an animation series about family issues between both man and boy. Troy illustrated several samples shown to the  left of the page. 

All Illustrations Are Created By Troy Jones

We understand that choosing an artist for a project can be a headache but please do not let this opportunity
pass without investigating Jones Graphix. This is a small sample of the project Troy Jones has created
for multiple clients.  We are eager to start on your project today!

This illustration is from the children’s book from the California author. Troy Jones was commissioned to illustrate the pages of the children’s book. Below is an example of the other sketch art work that was not selected to be included in the children’s book.  

If you would like a children’s book illustrated please contact Jones Graphix for the pricing details.

This illustration was the final choice of the client which she selected to appear in the children’s book. The sketch to the right were the options.

All children’s book illustrators draw several quick sketches for angles, size of image, point of view and the composition of the scene.