Jones Graphix Logo Catalog

Below are some of our logos for several of our clients and customers 

Company Logo For Computer Owner

The commission for this design was to create an upscale look that presents a higher level image than the previous logo.

Financial Start Up Need New Logo

This client wanted a logo that would show financial elements in her future business.

Company Logo for the Children's Book

The High Flyin’ logo is the stand alone logo separate from all other created projects for the Legends & Lineage brand.

Company Product Logo

The client requested a logo that could used for branding their future beard products.

Personal DJ One 10 Logo

This Logo was commissioned by the wife as surprise to DJ.

Personal Logo for client

A new client requested this logo as a visual image that could be used as a logo as well as shirt design product.

Female Photographer Logo

This client has a photography business in need of a logo.

Bereavement Logo Design

This logo was created with the idea in mind to design a visual that would show the transition journey from life to death. The message is about movement and how that looks using the graphical elements of a circle of motions going around and through life on this planet. We believe achieved the goal set before us by the client.


New Ice Drink Company Logo Design

Florida company commissioned Troy Jones of Jones Graphix for new logo illustration that could be transferred to vehicle wrap.

Start Up Company Needed New Logo

New client had idea for logo that was created and presented to what is shown.

Company Logo About Bereaved

New Company commissioned the above logo to show transition of life from this life into the afterlife. There is a motion graphic logo animation shown at bottom.

The Children's Health Book Logo Design

This Logo signature was created for the children’s health book about the human body. Teaching children about their bodies.

New Created Logo For Texas Dentist

The client wanted a logo shaped like a tooth as well as some form of fruit. My choice was an apple because of the color.

This Logo Was Created For Branding

This logo is the brainchild of Troy Jones of Jones Graphix which is the first visual to showcase the Timeline Tykes product line. Each Timeline Tyke product will have this logo present somewhere in the creation.

Start Up Health Company Logo Design

Troy was commissioned to create a logo which included DNA, drug and paternity testing. The logo shown was the result. 

New Financial Exodus Logo Design

A Texas financial company requested a new logo of a lion. Shown above is the final logo chosen by the Texas company. 

This Is A Beauty Salon Logo Design

The client commission a new logo design.

New Jesus Company Logo

This logo is the start of a product line, “Bodi by Jesus.”

Good Health Logo Design

This design was my entry for a health logo not selected.

Florida Popcorn Company

This design was created for a client who request a different look and new design logo to use for their future products.

Book Company Logo

This logo was created by Troy for Legend & Lineage books.



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Looking for a Logo Look no Further

If your are looking for a logo please give us a chance to create the logo of your dreams.

New Owners Trucking Logo

This is a logo design for a newly established trucking company needing branding

Product Visual for Clothing

This visual was designed as a clothing logo tag under the brand called “Bodi By Jesus.” 

African Coffee Logo Design

Troy was commissioned to create a logo for a group of village people to brand their coffee products for America.

Gourmet Popcorn Logo

This was another logo design for the Gourmet Popcorn Co. 

New Hair Design Logo for Instagram

This is our attempt at designing a hair design logo. This image shown was the centerpiece that launch their campaign.

Start Up Logo For Financial Agent

Troy was commissioned to create a logo dealing with finance. The client loved the  color and this final logo was successful.

Housing And Health Logo Design

LAH logo represents housing/health care.




A Nonprofit Logo Design

This logo was created for a Houston nonprofit company.

Africa Company Logo

This was the second African coffee logo for Trading Group.

Personal Logo for Ladies

This personal logo creation is designed with the idea of give praise and worship in songs.

LAH Homes Logo Design

This is another logo design that was presented as the winning logo choice for the lah Loving Arms Homes logo.